​​Guitar repair & Modification

Fret Work, Custom Electronics, Hardware, Modifications, Repair, Pickup/part sales and "Schroederization"

National and international repairs accepted.

Amplifier Repair & Modification 

Schroeder Amplifiers & Electronics 

Award winning amplifiers, effects, and guitar electronics. 

We ship internationally. 

We offer many types of amplifier modifications such as: blackfacing, master volume installation, Tone Stack/EQ Mods, Replacement Transformers, and much more... 


Consulting available for: 

-touring rigs 

-studio construction

-listening rooms 

-home audio

Custom Electronics - Fretwork - Guitar Repair & Modification - Amp Repair & Modification

"The DB7 is a sustain machine, making the plainest of sonorities a thing of wonder!"  
-  Premier Guitar Magazine  -